Godet Antartica Icy White Gift Set

Godet Antartica Icy White Gift Set

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The Antartica Gift Pack comprises of

  • Ice tray,
  • 6 shot glasses
  • Holder for 50cl bottle of Icy White Antartica.


Godet  Antartica

A unique ICY White Eau de Vie inspired by the purity and beauty of Antartica.

In 2008 Jean Jacques Godet broke a world record when he and 10 crew members docked with the smallest yacht in Antartica.

To encapsulate this spirit of adventure Godet created ANTARTICA IVY WHITE.  Aged for 7 years in French wooden barrels this versatile eau de vie can be drunk Iced for the purists, on the rocks for the adventurers, as a shot for the party goer, with water for the long nighters or as part of a cocktail for the lounge lover.

Nose: Floral, hints of caramel sweetness, chamomile, a hint of juniper, some dried apricot.

Tasting: Good sweetness, dried fruits, a hint of chamomile, sultana and orange blossom.

Nose: Full, spicy and juniper-rich finish.