Domaine de Landon - Stéphane Aupit

Aupit Cognac

Since 1867, in the entrance of a typical village from Cognac region, six generations have perpetuated the love of doing the spirit of the region, truly respecting the local traditions.

Nowadays, the direct descendant, Stéphane Aupit, keeps the legacy and produces one of the most interesting Pineau des Charentes of the region.

Entering Domaine de Landon is like travelling in time, travelling to another century… Everything is done in a very hand-craft way: the oldest and smallest still pot (3,70 hl) in all Cognac region is still in use!

Until few years ago, charcoal and wood were still used for the distillation process.

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William Groussin

GroussinSettled in Chérac on the westside of Cognac, the Groussin family comes from an old line of 5 generations of winemaker and supplier for the largest cognac houses. William Groussin, the 5th master cellar, elaborates Pineau des Charentes while respecting ancestral savoir-faire fed with passion.

The house of Groussin creates Pineau des Charentes exclusively with eaux de vie coming from the family vineyard in the Borderies, the rarest and most coveted of the 6 crus of the Cognac appellation. The sub-soil determines the terroir, the Borderies area is calcareous clay and is the only one to have the particularity of containing flint. The eaux de vie from the Borderies are among the most sought after and differ from the other cru in their bouquet, roundness, finesse and characteristic floral notes of violets and iris.

For 5 generations we have shaped this delicate wine by respecting the family secrecy. The Pineau des Charentes has a very interesting aromatic power which comes from this unique terroir and different important steps of elaboration


GodetThe Godet House is 100% family owned with both 14th and 15th generation activity involved. Master blending operations still in the hands of Jean Edouard Godet.

Exported around the world across a network of 60 national distributors, the House of Godet aim to express Cognac’s multiple terrors through a portfolio of varied, traditional and modern products. Limited artisan production and long maturation are at the core of Godet principles.

Jean-Luc Pasquet

Jean-Luc PasquetSince 1730, the vineyard was passed on directly or indirectly by family links and so in 1971, Jean-Luc inherits from the domain of his uncle - the famous Uncle Albert whose name will be attributed to the oldest cognac of the range. Today he has to transmit too these heritage and his know how to his son Jean.

Since 1995, the family runs its 7 hectares of vineyards according to the rules of the Organic farming, without chemical of synthesis products. Their philosophy is strengthening the natural defenses of the vineyard by the use of products with copper and with sulfur as well as various manures of plants (manure of stinging nettle, horsetail, etc.).

After the harvest, the clusters are directly pressed and the juice is put in tank for the fermentation. It is with yeasts, said "endogenous", in other words, yeasts which are naturally on grapes, that is made the fermentation of their wines. The use of natural yeasts and the absence of sulphite strengthens the guarantee of a real soil's product.


Bourgoin PineauBourgoin is a handcrafted Cognac and Pineau wine-maker. The family estate is located in the village of Tarsac, in the Fin Bois region.
A Bio-Dynamic vineyard, there is minimal intervention and every effort made to ensure that nothing is lost on that journey between the vine and the glass. 
Pineau is aged for 12 months in old red cognac casks before developing in inversion tanks for minimum of 4 years. Bottled by hand.
Tres très vieux is from the Petit Champagne region and has remained in casks for 38 years before bottling. Limited run of only 200 bottle have been produced.


Leon MarcelUnique pearly sparkling mistelle.

Bulles de Cognac is a sophisticated blend of Tuscan ugni blanc grape Trebbiano Toscano with its fruity aromatic register of lemon and quince with rosy pink Fin Bois vintage. Mutated with VS Cognac from the same vintage then aged in oak barrels for twelve month. After which bottled and bubbled with CO2 to create a unique vintage and drinking experience. 

Each bottle is numbered and signed by the cellar master.